Gadget Trends 2015? … so outdated!

Barcamps and Digital Media Culture conferences are always THE reason for attendees to show-off their hypercalifragilisticpointillistic newest gadgets. Wo is who defined by gadgetry.

Well, … when working in this branch of futurology and trend research, some times you get far more ahead than the average devices of current times.You miss the “real actual modern” devices and gadgets and perceive those current technologies and gadgets as “outdated”. It is even difficult to accept that you’re stuck in some kindof time loop condemned to live and work with such historical stuff. And to accept this sometimes is hard.

Just because: Each year, each month, each week or moment some new devices are brought up or invented in small individual laboratories or in big development units of big corporations. And the condition of your  job as a future and trend researcher is to know these things and even anticipate them based on your knowledge.

This leads to an impression I just had reading an article on dress code of barcamps and such in connection to a kind of discussion on the site of barcamp hh.

So we live in 2014: But this year 2014 with its ultrathin tablets and hybrid notebooks feels just sooo outdated and as a kind of already gone in-between time just between digital antiquity (2010) and the real modern times of 2024!

Let me think… What was it we were up to in 2015? No more tablets but display glasses instead (of course not Google Glass 3.0 as this is already out, instead a better funcionality with a more decent design nearly retro-stilistic or dieselpunk – not Steampunk anymore, no way!) or even better: color-variable display-projecting contact lenses – that’s wat real is trendy and hip. Taken for granted: That ear plug with cranial bone resonance sensor or even better that muscle neuron sensor enabling you to mute “talking”… That was Minimum in 2015!

Or…  maybe that was not until 2016?

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„Durch Ihren spannenden und sehr informativen Vortrag wurde diese Veranstaltung in besonderem Maße geprägt. Hierfür ein großes Dankeschön! Es gab (…) eine Vielzahl an Nachfragen von Teilnehmern des Wissenschaftstags nach einem PDF Ihrer Präsentation.“
Kai Lipinski, Logistik-Initiative Hamburg. Veranstalter Konferenz & Wissenschaftstag der Logistik-Initiative Hamburg


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