No Future Trends? Future has already begun.

Future has already begun.
All is foreseeable.
There are no really new trends.

… except 15 hidden Champions – see below!

Seems to be as if at first time (?) in our near history we are living in an era where most innovations are foreseeable. Just because they are made of already existing knowledge and insights which can be combined by nearly everone to create something “new”. Even these results can be extrapolated, refined and enhanced.

But then: What’s really new? Leading relevant technologies are already here. Development and trends based on these are consequential and reproducable.


The calculable predictable future and its single trends – including consequences on nearly all cetagory groups and aspects in economy, society and technologies will be named on this page in the coming days (German version of this text already exists, English translation is in progress).


Future starts now. New on every new day.

Above mentioned list will be complemented by examples and details for the coming days and weeks
Image: Familie watching TV in 1955. Public domain. Wikimedia Commons.


„Ich hatte Ihrem Vortrag diesen Montag im Rahmen der Logistik-Veranstaltung gelauscht. Ich fand den Vortrag sehr gut und spannend vorgetragen! Ich würde ich mich über eine Kontaktbestätigung freuen.“
A. Ikram, Itemis. Teilnehmer v. Konferenz & Wissenschaftstag der Logistik-Initiative Hamburg


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