Mankind’s future – Open source values sustainable to control exponential even destructive growth

Our world is growing and evolving to become increasingly totally connected and interwoven. But opinions differ heavily on how this connected growth is best made: by total control or by a kind of open source swarmnet to get the best solutions.

The potential and target:
An optimal connected world can share resources and energies better than ever in a non-destructive sustainable way with triple winnings for economy, people and environment and even lessening population growth.

The problem:
Delay of decisions on how to create connected humanity and multidimensional-infrastructures is nearly impossible. Because the connected system principle including technological “connection synapses” itself already exists – and its parts and participants hardly will stop: all human activities are characterized by a biological principle of swarming evolution, a kind of egoistic development and spreading of its own biological/technological genes. This connected growth is already happening right now – and it is happening by exponential terms and many of this in an even explosive speed.

Our time is limited to build such solutions that are sustainable and of ethical value.

Because of this exponential systemic growth we need somehow exponential responding counter measures: An essential way would be a kind of Open Source Swarmnet Solutions (#O3S). This “O3S” principle and its participants will inherit the power to evolve exponential and be based on networked teams -a global think-tank network. By building global and local solutions based on “O3S” we are capable to build up a continuous self regulating operating system that keeps pace with the fast global exponential evolution of connected technologies: Today most of these connected technologies and sciences are still growing on a kind of cannibalistic destructive-competitive path which would lead to continue harming the whole planet and us humans with it. Instead we as mankind need to establish an ethical valuable connected growth now to build a sustainable future.

How do we create this connected valuable future – as future begins with activities now and today?

Essential for this: A globally connected think-tank and expert group being built and supported globally and international, that inherits international networked authority.

A think-tank that takes regard and precautions to those needs of control and fears of losing control by nations, economies and corporations, as well as by national and international political, security and military sectors. This think-tank should take account of these needs but also should have the authority to set agreed boundaries to political, military and corporational aspects – in favor of combining mankind’s powers to achieve the globally connected humanity.

A global think-tank that will be helping mankind to evolve positively and valuable. That is helping to establish sustainable systemic growth and answers exponential explosive development of today by creating and implementing solutions based on open source swarm networks ( #O3S).

This will lead to a further jump in innovation and creation of a resourceful planet. And it will lead to a sustainable valueful humanity on planet Earth. A powerful base that also strengthens our potential for to successfully explore our solar system and outer space.

Call to action for experts, persons of influence, politics, corporations, NGOs, sciences, universities and everyone: Let’s connect. To build and promote such a global think-tank.


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Stephan Chrzescinski, Concept & Copy


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