How Highly Sensitives can help solving global tasks for us Humans – Thoughts to discuss on #HSP and Society

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We don’t know what we’re doing. Do we?
We are humans. In fact we are reasonably fancy in doing things and stuff that we don’t understand in their consequences. We are biologically blocked from deeper insights (proven by sciences as Behavioral Economics, neuro sciences, etc.). And the only ways to break the barrier of behavioral basic instincts and swarm stupidity to enhance self reflexion insights are meditation and yoga or so (and maybe some old psychedelic plants, if they’re not making us mad).
But there’s another way, too.

By spiritual networking as well as by developing more capable neural connections in our brains. The upcoming scientific and public awareness that there are about 15% of “Highly Sensitive People” (HSP) in human population who are able to transcend their basic human senses and instincts, their wants and fears, might be helpful. The problematic new task for mankind now is to accept that these HSPs are in many ways not only smarter but also have more insight by their higher sensitivity making them capable to see and feel and experience more than the mass of people (CRT scans show much higher neural connections; see studies by Elaine Aron et al.).

But in addition to this outside ignorance HSP themselves also have to deal with being human primates and thus sometimes being confronted with insight and intelligence limits their biological bodies and social group magnetism are giving them.

(Image: Some gifted people)

Limits which they must break to become really able and go beyond primate limits. This is why the percentage of Highly Sensitive People who are actually being really active and self conscious about their abilities might be much smaller as of in the one digit percentage.

How are we as global human population selecting our solutions and goals to solve global crisis, environmental and social and conflict problems? Mostly by trial and error, by biological instincts limits and swarm group limits.

To solve global problems means not to use the same tools we used in the first place to create them.

To solve these global problems we humans have to break several of our sociobiological barriers and limits.

We have to accept that there are already helping ways to break the primate barriers: Embrace these modern sensitive persons, seers or shamans, healers and solution seekers and finders. Accepting that there are people being more gifted or capable than one self? That really sometimes might be a problem for our human sociobiological instincts. People are bringing all different positive gifts to society, and we have to accept, that inclusion of gifted people helps all humans – even if some of those gifted people sometimes unwillingly might appear as smartass to others or nerdish. This is a new goal. Somehow in pre-industrial times or even several thousand years ago these HSPs were
accepted as healers, spiritual helpers, coaches or teachers. Now it’s time to include all these people, abilities and potential again.

To ensure human future existence and developing good social, economica and ecologial values we need to engage with our evolving social and spiritual sensors. We need education in social and spiritual skills for all of us. And we need integration and inclusion of these Highly Sensitives. It’s their evolution in society that counts.

So, as you’ve read my thoughts – What dou you think on this?
Or are you a HSP or know someone? Or otherwise gifted?
Please comment and let’s discuss below!

Images: Charly W Carl CC BY-ND and Werkheim CC



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