German Trend: Ordnung, Frugality – and no Experiments!

382px-Gütezeichen_für_deutsche_MarkenbutterAn important trend indicator for social trends and motivations of German citizens

… are their consumer behavior as well as the way of accepting new and their approach to changes.

Accepted and adopted is that which gets improvements in short time or nearly at once. Middle or long term changes instead? Here it seems as if those are viewed more skeptical than adoptable. Germans prefer security warrants or even financial prospects and advantages much more than change.

Frugality and economy are preferred. Also keeping a certain kind of quality of lifestyle.

Gerrman trend: “Order and frugality are guaranteeing safety and a secure future for Germany – No experiments!” – Is this trend giving a dirction to Germany’s future?


„Ich hatte Ihrem Vortrag diesen Montag im Rahmen der Logistik-Veranstaltung gelauscht. Ich fand den Vortrag sehr gut und spannend vorgetragen! Ich würde ich mich über eine Kontaktbestätigung freuen.“
A. Ikram, Itemis. Teilnehmer v. Konferenz & Wissenschaftstag der Logistik-Initiative Hamburg


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