Formats and Methods

We serve and help you in achieving your goals and business targets. We utilize these formats of our services plus individual solutions if needed.


Analyses and Reports
(Behavioral Economics, Markets, HR, Marketing, Psychology, etc.)
Implementation Roadmaps
Practice Models and Recommendations

Managing & Creating Change:
Proactively utilize Change
Business Model Prototyping
Retrograde Targeting and Analysis

Target Group Studies
Consumer/Consumption Studies
Global Market Facts & Trend Reports
Future and Trend Studies
Practice relevant Prognoses/Forecasts
Trend Visualisation

Trend / Change Workshops
NewWorkFuture Workshops
Conferences and Events
Keynotes and Lectures

“In order to look ahead, it pays to look backwards (from the future goal’s view) – Knowing your end game will make current choices simpler”
– Maurice Ashley, Chess Grandmaster



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