Coca-Cola schafft neue Milch und verkauft sie zum doppelten Preis

Recently I discussed the new milk based product produced by Coca-Cola with Akanksha Vatwani (Seminal Research, Neu Delhi, India) changes in milk based drinks.

She wrote:
„Softdrink giant Coca-Cola claim to have „re-invented“ milk with their new product- Fairlife. Fairlife is a lactose-free „super milk“ that has been filtered to remove the fat content, increase the protien content by 50% and the calcium content by 30%.
Today’s health conscious consumer is shunning carbonated and artificially sweetened soft drinks that contribute to obesity and health disorders. But will the consumer buy the whole „Premiuim Milk“ idea which is nothing really but milk pasteurized at temperatures higher than the normal.
The question arises if it is really ideal to re-create something that nature has already perfected? Is deconstructing natural milk and consuming it’s nutrients in isolation exactly safe?“

Some of my thoughts to comment food trends as an example with fairlife as a kind of „Super Milk“.

I think, that there is a major trend in enhanced food. This not only because of for example less expensive production or storage – but also for creting „health food“. Food with effects that tend to become maybe a bit similar to some medicinal effects and evene medicines. And of course it’s also a way to just open new market shares and positions.

trendquest’s research experience leads to this prognosis:

The global food market is differenciating into cheap mass produced and processed food, a little or more expensive ecological correctly produced organic food and as another important part the abovem mentioned health food with nearly medicinal effects or enhancing effects (brain, body, nervous system, et al.). And yes, of course there always will be small local and regional producers of foods (farms, bakers, bread, fruit, dairy, meat, …).

What are your thoughts on this?

And while thinking about this: I think it’s time to schedule one of our monthly open trendtalks here in Hamburg to discuss changes in food market and consume and in food and nutrition trends. To be scheduled at the end of 2015 or in spring 2016.



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