Build future together with love and respect.

The internet together with all of our social subconscious needs and behavior means transparent communication and exchange
… with all its positives, powers and weaknesses.

This is what gives power and responsibility to people. But it also turns leading positions upside down and intimidates those who want safe security and stability in a way of conserving traditional structures.

That’s the situation. The struggle of Old and New leads to insecurity in many parts of our society, it questions our identity. Without New on the other hand we would not be able to adapt and survive a changing and shifting environment as it is happening in global economy and societies.

In this current situation we live in there is a growing need for a universal infrastructure connecting everything in our life, societies and economies. But this infrastructure is a sensible thing. As a kind of physical or natural law systems with more connected information want to build more connections to get more informations. It’s magnetic …

But who owns this information? Us. Thus we all are having the responsibility to take care that the nodes of our connected social and global infrastructures are not in just „good hands“ of some people but that the currents and directions of information are controlled and organized in a crowd sourced structure – just as these structures we learn to use and build in current crowd sourced and open source built systems like Linux, Wikipedia or crowd financing concepts.

But what if this all leads to a Star Trek like society and universe where everyone’s personal data up to their DNA signatures are stored in central databases? And some military scientist leader might say, just like Picard on board their ship: „Scan that city or planet and find the DNA signature of Worf and Troy and see where they are right now!“

Might be intriguing… only, such comprehensive information systems are to be treated and managed with responsibility and transparently. It’s in our hands what we build and how, which intensity of intelligent information systems we are needing. And if we need them then we have to take action to keep them open sourced and transparent.

Many people feel insecure in these times.

When living in insecure times people tend to build borders. Borders around their own social groups, their beliefs or their religions and their states and economies. Some borders might be needed, as a kind of stable base, but they have to be flexible and movable. Pertaining or building too strong and adamant borders increases forced breaking in or out, since energies of development, which are inherent in the principle of life itself, will always concentrate their evolutionary and explosive powers when walled in.

Wise men as those who build the core of religious and spiritual teachings knew and told this for ages of mankind. Be it Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity or others. Their basic teaching is: Be kind and open, be friendly and with love and respect for each other. And life will prosper.

It is time to transform the concepts of people borders and their identity fights. Let’s build something new and positive and also at minimum listen to the core messages of on treating each other with respect and peaceful manners

A positive prospering world can only have self constancy when inheriting open self awareness and truth in our selves, our wishes and visions, transforming our fears of existence and based on developing positive concepts.

Be aware of yourself.

Our Earth grows and becomes smaller at the same time. We have to deal with our needs, reflect and respect each other’s wishes and visions and transform our fears of existence, transform them into positive solutions for us as well as for our neighbours and guests. Then we wouldn’t need a growing surveillance infrastructure like that utilized by NSA, GCHQ, and other services, and behind facebook, Google and Co anymore. Of course it’s some kind of walk until then.

So let’s walk this positive way together. Build together. Respect and create the world we want to live now and in future times.


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