New more flexible educational systems being developed – digital as well as social on site

One Education fits all. Not really. But our educational systems aren’t adequate to changing times and social trends anymore.

Did you like the smart ass nerd in your class? In fact, we need education and educated smart people for a prospering society.

Only a powerful educational system may lead to a healthy society and state. But this costs money and at least every person is responsible by her self for her education. Thus the state can support education without spending too much public money. But research shows: The more you educate the people the more they learn to act responsible for themselves – and maybe shall vote for other political decision makers. A loss of political power? No way, some would say so. So the educational funding remains in the hands af the few independently working NGOs. Which might be better for neutral decisions – and democracy? Or… not?



“Wir danken Ihnen! Es war ein toller Vortrag!”
Simone Hopf, PR-Club Hamburg


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