3 Steps to successful brands by using simple scientific trend insights

The road to success for products and brands can be classified into three steps.

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1. Step: Weak Signal – one of many:

Trends and innovations are starting as weak signals at the fringe of social groups (social, professional, cultural, technological, etc.). At this level the first action is running tests on validity and strength of the recognized weak signals. Subsequently it is to recognize which single innovation in a detected innovation cloud will be important for a successful business and brand building or product building.



2. Step: Trend and Innovation are identified.

Now it’s time to prepare for the market. For market preparation we‘ll have to begin implementing our insights from step one. First target group to reach out for: trendsetters and first movers – those, who are open to innovstions and enthusiastically spread trends and innovations to their environment (social professional, cultural, et al). Often these can be characterized by a term originally from virology as “super-spreaders”: persons being members of several individual and not interconnected social groups who are connecting these groups with each other by their social activities and influences. Super-spreaders bring the potential to influence different social groups at once. Because of this these persons are those to be inspired by the brand/product activities and their interest in upcoming hot products and brands is to be supported.



3. Step: The trend setters enthusiastically took over your product or brand and did spread it across their social circles.

Now the mass market is ripe for the broader presence of our product/brand. So that notwithstanding becoming a mass produced article people still will see it as trendy and hip. If this should be the case then producer or corporation has done things right at brand and product communication as well as at strategy and trend/innovation management.



What’s coming next?

The next step it’s about keeping the product hype alive. How long will it last? To ensure long lasting adherence of customers to brand or product we’ll have to make plans and strategies for future development:

  • To evolve or to revive the trend product or brand.
  • And to recognize and utilize the following trend evolution or related trends, innovations and hypes.
  • And it is also to you (or us*) to activate individual new trends by using the tools at hand.




* trendquest not only does research in brand and product innovations and trends but also delivers practical solutions and effective tools.


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