The Hamburg Open trendtalk is part of our social engagement. Initated by trendquest founder Walter Matthias Kunze the afterwork talk series is a sought after tradition running since January 2012 on each first Thursday monthly.

“What’s changing society, our life and our world? How do we deal with changes and revolutionary influences? And how can we all give and engage to enhance positive trends?”

That is the trendtalk message.


Some numbers:

  • Since its start there already have been over 150 expert speakers
  • Over 150 trends, microtrends and singulary drivers have been analyzed, presented and discussed
  • More than 100 companies and brands have been present at the Hamburg trendtalk
  • Sponsoring partners: IBM, Villa 23, Ministry Group, MINDSPACE, Galopper des Jahres, and more


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„Durch Ihren spannenden und sehr informativen Vortrag wurde diese Veranstaltung in besonderem Maße geprägt. Hierfür ein großes Dankeschön! Es gab (…) eine Vielzahl an Nachfragen von Teilnehmern des Wissenschaftstags nach einem PDF Ihrer Präsentation.“
Kai Lipinski, Logistik-Initiative Hamburg. Veranstalter Konferenz & Wissenschaftstag der Logistik-Initiative Hamburg


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Altcoin Live News: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
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