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We show evolving trendsa and occurrences, do forecasting of topics and present innovationen that influience markets and economies, societies and culture. trendquest develops roadmaps and practice steps to reach successes and goals.

Our trend and consultancy services :
• Consultancy
• Research
• Analysis
• Insights and trend profiles
• Predictions
• Practice relevancy of the most important trend influencing your business
• Implementing – how and when you may reach your targets and goals

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Selected trends in overview – correctly predicted

The Female Era

We Society – Community Values becoming stronger than isolated individualism – Sharing, social values,  group values and also group dynamics as drivers in economies and societies

Sharing Society – we are strionger together

Royal Romantics – needs for security, orientation and stability further the coming up of royal values, romanticizing of  royals and monarchs. But also leaders are glorified – and who wants to be elected as leader has more success by utilizing this need for strong or even autoritarian leadership.

Megatrend Open Privacy

The Brand is Your Friend

Live or buy local, regional or national

Metatrend new Classcial Conservative retroorientated Values

Man as new old archetypus

Authenticity instead of shallow Surface

Burlesque en Vogue

Interior Design cites Fin de Siècle
Florale Muster, Stilzitate 1870, Barock zitierend, Post-War-Ära (1945 bis 50er)

Romantic Rural Retreat

Colonial style and Africa India Romance

Multiple Politics – Hierarchies vs. Crowd Source and upcoming Pragmatism 

Religion and religious Idolising

Spiritual Values

Megatrend Individual Custom Products including the Modular App-Principle

Megatrend Open Source Products

Automatic and AI based Graphic Design & Publishing

Social Sells – Social competency as currency

Social Value – Social values are necessary basis for social and political acceptance and even success

Organical connected – flexible connected cporporations, firms and industries replace hierarchical business models

Love is digital – including gamification of partner search and dating culture




„Durch Ihren spannenden und sehr informativen Vortrag wurde diese Veranstaltung in besonderem Maße geprägt. Hierfür ein großes Dankeschön! Es gab (…) eine Vielzahl an Nachfragen von Teilnehmern des Wissenschaftstags nach einem PDF Ihrer Präsentation.“
Kai Lipinski, Logistik-Initiative Hamburg. Veranstalter Konferenz & Wissenschaftstag der Logistik-Initiative Hamburg


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