Product Services

Product Use, Markets, Check Ups, Analyses, Target Groups

We give you the basis for your product values and strategies. By giving answers and help through research and development of practice solutions.

Our product services cover these areas:

  • Consultancy
  • Market and Business Environment – we deliver answers and solutions: how economy will behave and also market and social environment. How they will accept your product or might react to it.
  • Product Use – Evaluation and insights how consumers or e.g. clients want to use your current or planned product in their personal or professional relations and area
  • Check Ups and Analyses – Product identity and character, marketing accountability and values
  • Target Groups – what do consumers, clients or competitors want? Trendquest delivers Market Research, Evaluation and Insights concerning your current or planned product
  • Strategies and Tools


Feel free to contact us on success and case studies.




“Many thanks for the study you did for us  – top quality and also good for implementation onto my tasks. Already quoted study insights three times.”


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